Our company specializes in manufacturing all types of PP woven mats.

Products range from Foldable picnic/beach mat, carpet mats, prayer mats and other kinds of outdoor/indoor mats, covering low to higher price to meet customers demand.

Made of 100% Recycled plastic.

Customizations of mats are welcome.


JACQUARD PP MAT SERIES : We offer single-piece and double-folded mats with variety designs. Premium quality mats came in variety of sizes ranging from 1.80 - 2.00 meters in length.


PLASTIC GOZA : The new style mat that is lighter slimmer, and more elegant. By comparison with natural grass tatami, Plastic Tatami is more durable, waterproof, and mold-free.


EXTRA LONG MAT (TEMPLE MAT) : This extra long mats are used mainly used in bhuddhist temples and Mosque to furnish the floor, in many different occasions.


PICNIC FOLDABLE MAT : Picnic mats are ideal for camping, picnic, beaches, festivals or sports. They are large yet portable & compact. The mats come in variety of colours and sizes.


MODERN DESIGNS MAT : We provide customers with OEM services. Customisation of designs and colours are our specialty. We help clients to customise the mats and improve the mats quality.

Portable & Easy to store

Easy to Clean

Double sided use

Made of recyclable plastics


Dust-Allengen Free

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