3 activities for Buddhists on the End of Buddhist Lent Day

At the end of Buddhist Lent Day, many people who are busy working may not know that on the days of the big Buddha days including the upcoming Lent Day, what activities can we do to uphold Buddhism and make us feel at ease? Today, we have good activities at the End of Buddhist Lent Day for you.

The End of Buddhist Lent Day is the 15th lunar day of the 11th month of every year. This year, it’s October 13, 2019. It is an important day for the monks as the monks will end their Lent today. According to the Tripitaka, it is the day when the Lord Buddha returned from the heavens to the human world. During this Buddhist Lent Day, all Buddhists can do various activities to help each other to uphold their religion and to be a blessing to themselves by the activities as follows :

Tak Bat Devorohana : According to the beliefs, it is the day when the Lord Buddha returned from preaching the Dhammapitaka to please the Buddha’s mother. On this day, Buddhists will make merit like general merit, but what is added is Khao Tom Mud and Khao Tom Luk Yon. Each temple has different traditions. A popular way of doing this in some temples is that monks walk down the mountain to make alms, and many Buddhists bring savory and sweet food to offer. If anyone is interested in going to participate in one of these beautiful ancient traditions, do not forget to offer a good plastic mat to make merit.

Listen to the Mahachat sermon : Another popular activity to do on the Day of the Great Buddha is going to the Mahachat sermon. It has existed since the ancient era. The benefits of listening to the Great Nation, in addition to receiving merit, also allows us to learn new things that we do not know. We will keep our hearts bright , calm , and make us dwell. In addition, if anyone can listen to the 13 Great Nation sermons in a single day, they will fulfill every wish.

So , if you want to be blessed by Buddhism, you can offer a mat to the temple where Buddhists need a mat to sit and listen to the Mahachat sermon on the Buddhist Lent Day and enter the temple to make merit. Whether on the occasion of the small Buddha’s day, the big Buddha day or any occasion, we can go to the temple to make merit at any time. But if the day of the Big Buddha arrives, all Buddhists would want to make merit to make it even bigger. In addition to cooking sweet and savory dishes to the monks at the temple, another thing that should be brought equally well is the mat, because the mat is something that many people might overlook. In fact, the mat is very important whether it is used as a mat for a sermon or as a cushion for a monk. All of these things require a long mat.

So, if anyone has yet figured out what this Buddhist Lent Day will bring to the temple, we would like to offer the YSJ’s Lion Brand Plastic Mat which has been designed for temple use with bright colors, easy to clean , strong, durable, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition, it is also extra long. If any Buddhist person brings to the temple, in addition to receiving merit, it will truly benefit Buddhism indeed.

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