5 color mats to make your room stand out

Many people at Work from Home must not miss out. We are going to change the house in an easy way without painting, but instead, we will choose a mat with an interesting color scheme. We will immediately transform the old room into a better room. Are you ready? Let’s find out together.

Remember the first day when we looked at pictures of a model house or every day when friends shared their pictures of their homes on social media? Those rooms are very beautiful. The atmosphere and the floor look very stylish and perfect. The mat in the picture is striking and elegant. So how do we choose it? Not many people know that mats can be used as a replacement for carpets, and they’re easy to clean and perfect for always-hot weather in Thailand.

Nowadays, there are various types of mats including folding mats, picnic mats, and long plastic mats. The color schemes that we are going to introduce are as follows :

1) Floor mat : Green

For the mat, this color scheme provides an atmosphere and a natural mood. Most people will like it very much. It is considered a popular color. Some people may not be used to it, but when it comes to decorating a house, especially in a room with a wooden floor, it will look even better together.

2) Floor mat : Grey

Another color that is very popular color Gray often decorates the condo, house, or office to look perfect and modern. So, it’s no surprise that people will like it, and this paint is easy to clean, no fear that it will mess up or look dirtier than other colors.

3) Floor mat : Two-tone color

Recently, YSJ Mat customers prefer to order a 2-tone mat and choose the pattern that they want more as well. Usually, we do it in 2 colors such as black and green, green and red, or a pattern that combines art and patterns similar to printing photo. It is very favorable for people who want to be different and unique.

4) Floor mat : Cream

This is a very basic and neutral color. In particular, houses or condos that have laminate floors or natural wood tones will be used to decorate the cream-colored mats.

5) Floor mat : Brown

It’s a color that really goes with any style. When we decorate a room with this color, it helps to reduce the striking colors in the room to fit with each other perfectly. Not only that, that room will be a warm feeling and atmosphere too.

It’s all about the colors of mats that many people are deciding which and which colors to use. At YSJ Mat, we have a consultant to advise you on patterns, applications that are appropriate, or if you want to design patterns or choose the color you want, just tell us directly. If you finished decorating with a mat, do not forget to send it to us to see how beautiful it is.

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