5 ideas for decorating your home by mats with techniques for choosing the right mat for use

Thai society and making merit have been a place that has been together for a long time. Whether it is a merit- making on a birthday, a religious day, or to exorcise according to the beliefs of Buddhists. Even when moving to a new house, making merit is even to be done for blessing the residents. This article will take you to realize 5 things that the host must prepare at the merit-making ceremony for the house house.

5 things that are indispensable in making merit at home

1) Invite monks
Traditionally, the number of monks is an odd number of 3, 5, 7 or 9, as appropriate for the size of the place.

2) Buddha altar table
Buddha altar table, holy water bowls, holy thread and holy candles were held to pay homage to the Rattana Tri with the Buddha image as the principal.

3) Monk seats
Make sure the seats are spaced, and keep the monks’ supplies in mind (palm trees, drinking water, toilet paper, and potties). You may first cover the floor with reed mats.

4) Food
It can be divided into 2 sets: 1. The Buddha rice worship set for the monks and for the spirits (or the shrines of each house). It consists of rice, savory dishes, fruits, desserts, and drinking water. 2. A set for the Buddha, placed in front of the altar table. Popular auspicious food offerings are 5 auspicious Thai desserts such as Thong Yip, Thong Yod, Foi Thong , Jackfruit seed and Kanom Tuai and sacred fruits such as bananas , coconuts, pears, pomegranates and oranges.

5) Offering
The offerings can be utensils and consumer goods, money or a Buddhist monk’s robe.
In addition to preparing items for the monastic ceremony, it is the preparation of items for the guests. The host needs to provide comfort for the guests. The extra-thick mat flooring makes guests feel soft and comfortable with every touch. For example, the mat “Lion Band” from YSJ MAT is easy to clean, colorful, durable, thick, and premium. In addition to making merit, it also satisfies the guests as well.

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