5 steps to clean your mat to look new as much as possible

For anyone who is going to clean the mat must not miss it. Today, we have good tips for you. We assure you that if you follow along, your beloved mat will be absolutely safe.

Mats that many people use every day, especially during this time, are both smog and COVID-19, many people are more concerned with cleaning the things we use more often for safety, which is a good thing.

Let’s start with some things that need to be prepared for the cleaning.

6 things to prepare
1) Baking soda (For desserts)
2) Clean water
3) Vinegar
4) Tea Tree Oil (For anyone who wants to kill fungus)
5) Spray bottle
6) Towel

How to clean your mat
– Wash the mat with water on both sides.
– Add water to approximately 80% of the spray bottle.
– Pour 1 tablespoon of vinegar or 1 tablespoon of baking soda into a spray bottle (if someone has Tea Tree oil, mix 5 drops of it).
– Shake the spray bottle to mix well and spray the mat to clean the entire mat.
– Wipe thoroughly with a clean towel and dry the mat in the shady place for 24 hours.

You will now have a new mat as clean as a new mat for you. It is also safe from mold or various bacteria that will adhere to your mat and preserve the mat to be more usable We recommend you to do this every week or every time you feel you need to be cleaned more often. If anyone has any tips for cleaning your mats , please share with us or if you use this method , please leave your comment on any channel of us.

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