5 Things to do at home when it rains

Heavy rain and traffic jams are boring. If there is any activity to do at home, it would be nice. It’s right! Home addiction will be no longer boring anymore.

When entering September, many people would think of the storm, the rain, the thunderstorm. If the heavy rains continued for a long time, it would not be necessary to mention any further consequences. It will be traffic jams, water waiting to drain, going anywhere will be difficult but very lonely if we have to stay home We offer 5 things to do to cure boredom. When caught in the rain at home.

1) Watch your favorite movie or series

Nowadays , streaming technology has grown exponentially. Both Netflix, Iflix, HBO are easily accessible. You can watch your favorite movies or series from home by going to the cinema or to a CD store again.

2) Make new dishes

Have you ever been? You like to watch late-night cooking programs. Each menu is so delicious to eat. But tomorrow you have to wake up early to go to work, so you won’t have a chance to try that dish. The opportunity has arrived! The rain is an obstacle to eating outside. It’s time to open up your cookbook and try a new dish that you want to.

3) Read a book that has not finished yet.

Have you ever been? You may buy a lot of books at a book festival. But you also have a lot of books that have not finished yet. The opportunity has arrived! Cool weather with rain hitting the roof like soft music. If you read a good book and a warm drink, it’s better than any other atmosphere.

4) House cleaning

The more it rains and the more humid the air, the more household appliances sometimes mold. So now is the perfect time to clean the house. But if any home appliance or decoration can be cleaned, then it should be replaced, such as moldy carpets. You can switch from the mildew-prone carpet in humid weather to the modern design mat that is as soft and comfortable as carpet, and easy to clean.

5) Exercise

You may have to wake up early to work and finish at evening. You may go to exercise at the park but it’s closed already and when arrived home, it’s so tired to work out. The opportunity has come! Just open YouTube and follow some exercise clip and that’s it. But if your floor is tile or cement, exercise with impact may hurt you. We recommend that you use a modern design mat that is firm, strong and comfortable to absorb the impact of exercise without slippery would be better.

I hope that all 5 activities here will help solve your problems in the rainy day. But if you are facing the problem of decorating the floor in the rainy season, we offer modern mats from YSJ that you can design your own pattern to match the room or choose the color according to your needs. It is suitable for home and garden decoration and is also easy to clean. Just use a damp cloth to wipe clean. This issue of moldy house coverings is gone. Feel free to contact us. YSJ Mat is happy to provide advice on all matters of mats.

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