Do you know that mats have been Thai craftsmanship for a long time?

We may have heard a Chinese proverb, “1 mat, 1 pillow”. If asking about handmade products for Thai people, one of them must definitely have a mat. Today we will take you back to the history of the mats. The beginning of the mat was during the Ayutthaya and Rattanakosin periods. It appears in the royal writing of King Chulalongkorn that he visited Chanthaburi around 1907. Traditionally, the Vietnamese ethnicity is more skilled in making Vietnamese mats than Thai nationals. Also, the clergy of the Roman Catholic Abbey was almost knowledgeable people.

Therefore, Chanthaburi mats with floral patterns or animal patterns, as well as the government’s symbols such as elephants and garuda. A mat weaver will do very well. In addition to making mats for ordinary use, at this time, the mat weavers have made many other utensils. For example, making a mat bag to put clothes, miscellaneous items or to make cushions, chair cushions, which will produce a variety of patterns as ordered. It is considered as the one of important products for Chanthaburi people (Luang Sakorn Kochakhet.2515: 259 – 262)

And the mat that we are well known is Reed Mat produced from reeds which is a plant with stems and flowers that thrives well in Thailand.

In addition, different types of reeds are also adapted.

It can be used in everyday life, such as matting to support sitting or lying, carrying around events, eating meals, as well as changing the atmosphere in the home area into a comfortable place for the whole family to sit. We believe that unless everyone knows the history of mats, more and more people will start using mats for outdoor activities. Of course, as the times change, things will change, evolve and make a difference.

YSJ MAT’s plastic Reed Mat is designed with care to produce standard, colorful, durable, and more convenient than the old Reed Mat, which requires careful handling including cleaning to avoid mold. Importantly, at present, the production of plastic reed mat has changed steps. We can choose patterns or colors that are bright, beautiful, suitable for lifestyles, and creating new atmospheres for you and your family, or change the atmosphere by using in various activities with friends.

No worries about cleaning mats that need to be careful about humidity and sun exposure. YSJ MAT’s plastic reed mats facilitate you in this regard. Just wipe clean, air dry, or wipe. That’s it, you will easily fold it and carry it around in no time.

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