How to choose a mat for the Buddha room to be as beautiful as a carpet

For the advantages of installing carpets, of course, many people have air conditioning in the Buddha’s room. Or cool weather, using a mat will add warmth when we have to sit for a long time But our home weather is not like that. Most Thai people will not install an air conditioner.

Today, we have a method to choose a floor mat for the Buddha room to introduce you. The advantages of using a mat are several, from easy to clean and foldable, adjustable angles, dust-free, and incense smoke and droplets.

There are two main zones where we use mats for :

1.) Under the Buddha shelf

For this zone, some families will use the altar table or the counter or low table.

We advise you to choose a color that is not very dark because if you use a lighter shade, it will not smudge easily and not look dusty all the time.

Therefore, the color scheme is very important. YSJ MAT’s mats are available in a variety of colors. You can see more at this link.

2.) Seating zone

Of course, usually, people don’t have to be seated together. Some small families may only have one to three members.

YSJ MAT recommends you choose a 2-meter mat suitable for 1-3 people use.

Some families may have a very large room in the Buddha room. You may choose one large piece that covers the entire room with an emphasis on rectangles. It will help to provide a clear zone. From the altar to the religious ceremony area.

More importantly, your sitting will be more comfortable than on the floor because YSJ MAT’s mats are specially designed and have a high quality of safety with double-sided use.

Alright, today you can try changing the carpet to use the mat in the Buddha room to save time on cleaning and also create a good atmosphere in the Buddha room.

If you are interested in the mats that can be used in the Buddha room, please visit this link.

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