How to decorate your home to be friendly to both people and pets.

In addition to the comfort of the residents, home decoration nowadays, there is an inevitable factor that is a loving pet.

When decorating a house with pets, it is important to consider the potential problems that may arise as a result of many behaviors from pets. Sometimes it comes from intuition. Therefore, if you do not want to have a headache with these problems and are looking to build a new house or decorate a new house. Here are 7 ways to decorate your home to be friendly to both people and pets for you.

1) Use a mat instead of an expensive carpet.

Remember that dogs and cats love to play on furry space. Therefore, the carpeting may not be appropriate, as you may have to replace it frequently. Sometimes purchased carpets are essential to the mind of the occupant. Flooring the room with a plastic mat instead of a carpet may be a better answer.

2) Hard surface is a good choice.

Flooring with hard materials such as terrazzo or ceramic tiles is a good choice for preventing scratches and being able to clean easily, it also helps to adjust the room temperature to cool as well.

Caution !! Marble flooring can be corroded by certain acids from pets.

3) It should not be decorated with fragile items.

The mischievousness of dogs and cats is the thing we cannot stop. Therefore, items or decorations such as glassware, ceramics, teacups, and fragile items should be stored away from pets, such as storing in a covered cabinet.

4) Organize a space for your beloved pets near the entrance.

The entrance to the house is like the face of the house. It is an area where guests can make a great first impression. Therefore, it should be an area that needs to be cleaned frequently. Bringing a pet to that area, it will make us remember to clean it and also make it easy for us to find our pet.

5) Choose furniture to match the color of your pet.

This will inspire your choice of furniture and will also be a memorable one for your visiting guests.

6) Choose a semi-gloss type paint for the walls.

With the feature of this type of paint, it can be easily cleaned, difficult to form stains. So, no matter where your beloved pet is, it will leave a lot of stains. But you can be assured that the stain will definitely not haunt you.

7) Choose a cloth that is difficult to stain.

Silk or velvet fabrics are easier to stain because they absorb dirt, dust, hair, and odors. Switching to synthetic fabrics solves these problems and is more durable. Of the 7 methods, the steps are a few tips to help you stay happier with your beloved pet. But if you are looking for a mat to replace that carpet, we offer YSJ plastic reed mats because we use friendly materials for both people and pets , you can even design your own pattern. Your home will be unique. Don’t wait , just contact us. YSJ Mat is happy to advise on all matters of mats.

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