Our business in the plastic mat industry started in 1979.

Manufacturer and distributor of all types of   quality plastic mats in a variety of designs and colors.

Whether it be picnic mats, extra-long mats (temple mats), and many more, you can rest assured of our standards and service quality. “Think of mats, think of us”.

YSJ Mat Manufacturing

291/16 Sukonthawit 23 Rd, Kratumban, Samutsakorn


Why choosing YSJ Mat?

We are devoted to quality in every step of the production of every product. With 40-year experience in the industry, together with constantly updated machine technology and features, we are definitely confident in the product quality before reaching our consumers.

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YSJ Mat Manufacturing, the manufacturer of YSJ MAT.

We are a producer and distributor of all types of plastic mats, ranging from foldable mats, extra-long mats for temples to carpet mats, for more than 40 years. Delivering to wholesale businesses-agents, modern trade stores, online businesses, hotel interior businesses, and trading businesses that have exported to more than 20 countries, our team makes accurate and fast delivery all over Thailand. We offer OEM as required.


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Our services

We develop patterns for plastic mats, carpet mats, and make colors and patterns as per customer brands for domestic sales and export.

Directly order our plastic and carpet mats for a whole lot from the manufacturer at a factory price.

Producer of plastic mats, modern design mats, graphics, and carpet pattern mats.

Quality tailored in various designs

Quality tailored in various designs

Made from 100% recycled plastic, our mats are considered eco-friendly. They are strongly woven and can be used on both sides, easy to clean, do not collect dust that causes allergies, and beautiful with high-quality as advertised.

For different purposes

For different purposes

Can be used for flooring or decorating the interior and outdoor areas. You can also set a suitable length for the mats.

Be your design advisor

Be your design advisor

We design colorful patterns coming in various sizes, whether in pieces, fold (easy to carry), or extra-long mats. Our products cover all types of applications.

Thailand's leading facility and distributor of plastic mats

Starting the plastic mat weaving business in 1979 and having played an important role in laying the foundation of the plastic mat industry for more than 40 years, YSJ Mat Manufacturing is the pioneer of the plastic mat in Thailand. We are committed to developing the mat weaving industry to become an international standard.

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Think of high-quality mats, think of YSJ MAT

We are specialized in producing picnic mats, extra-long mats for temples, and many more. Our mats can be floored inside and outside the building. They also cover all applications at reasonable prices and with high quality that serve the needs of the customers. Our products are made from 100% recycled grade plastic.


Jacquard PP mat series (Plastic mat)

This kind of mat comes with frames emphasizing its beautiful and apparent pattern. Famous for its patterns and vivid colors.

Picnic foldable mat

The mat is compact in size, ideal for travel lovers.

Extra-long mat (Temple mat)

Prominent with its extra length, the mat is mainly used in Buddhist temples and other in- and outdoor areas.

Foldable mat stripes two-tones

This is another collection of 'Picnic foldable mats', suitable for several occasions (picnics, beaches, and camping).

Plastic Goza

Inspired by natural reed-woven mats, plastic goza comes with lightness and beauty.

Modern design mat

The mat is for customization, in which you can choose or design your own patterns and colors. Ideal for home and garden decorations.


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        Miya Draper


        Want to develop mat designs with YSJ MAT? Contact us now.

        We produce and wholesale a variety of plastic mats, including:

        • Eco-friendly plastic mat

        • Picnic foldable mat

        • Foldable mat stripe two-tones

        • Plastic Goza

        • Extra-long mat (Temple mat)

        • Modern design mat